Can I iron my flag or banner?

Here is the answer!

Fähnchen mit Bügeleisen

This question is asked quite often. Understandable - the flag is often stowed away in a backpack or travel bag after Pride and sooner or later looks very wrinkled. But even when received, the flag already has some wrinkles because it was folded accordingly for transport.

To make the answer to the question short: Yes but! Basically you can iron our flags/flags. However, since they are made of 100% polyester - i.e. a synthetic plastic - you can use them do not iron too hot. You can display the flags without hesitation low level For synthetic fabrics, iron (approx. 80 - 105 °C). However, this may not produce the desired effects. Our practice test has shown that higher temperatures are also possible. There were no problems even at a medium setting (130 – 165 °C), as is used for silk, for example. However, keep in mind that as the temperature increases, there is a risk that the flag will be damaged. Therefore: approach slowly and do not increase the temperature any further than absolutely necessary. A return after self-inflicted damage is excluded.

Good to know: The same doesn't just apply to ours 90x150 Flags & Banners, but also for our smaller ones Pride waving flag. Because these are also made of polyester. And now have fun polishing your flags to a high shine for the next Pride ;).

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