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Be Proud with Style!

Lean Pride Boxershorts Box

Lean Pride is our own brand and stands for an elegant & minimalist design. We offer our customers the opportunity to declare their support for the LGBTQ community clearly but in a less intrusive way. Instead of overloading our products with color, we rely on the combination of slim design with simple everyday ones Pride Elements.

The brand focuses exclusively on Pride fashion. Anyone who wants to feel connected to a brand that doesn't limit its commitment to "Pride Month" and whose owner themselves as Part of the community understand, you have come to exactly the right place. We are a queer small business based in the federal capital Berlin.

Ideas for new designs also arise in Berlin. Inspired by the diversity of the city and the lively exchange with the LGBTQ community, new ideas are constantly being developed. 

You are also welcome to contact us proactively with suggestions. We are always open to new approaches and want to continually expand our product portfolio.

Make your loved ones happy and give them one of our lovingly developed products from the LGBT premium brand “Lean Pride”, such as our Lean Pride boxer shorts.

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