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Pride mini flags (10 pcs.)

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Receive 10 colorful Pride mini flags in an LGBTQ style of your choice. Swing them at the next Pride or decorate your workplace or your own four walls.

Color & Variants

Available in 10 Pride variants (Classic Rainbow, Progress Pride, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay Men, Transsexual, Pansexual, Non-Binary, Asexual, Genderfluid)




Flag: 14x21 cm | Plastic rod: 30 cm

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Net weight: approx. 25g

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Pride-Minifähnchen Highlights

Pride-Minifähnchen (Mix)

Swivel flag 14x21 cm

Our Pride mini flags are ideal for waving at demos, prides or other events.

Easy construction

The item consists of a flag and staff. Simply pull this through the tab of the flag and you're done. Holds itself.

Practical set (10 pieces)

To make the purchase worthwhile, there are 10 pieces available. This way you always have a few in reserve or you can share them with your friends.

10 variants

In addition to Classic (Rainbow), our flags are now also available in 10 other Pride versions

  • Pride-Minifähnchen (Rainbow Classic) mit Justitia (Dekorationsbeispiel)
  • LGBT flags - also suitable as decoration

    Many of our customers like to hang our 90x150 flags in their own four walls. Our Pride mini flags are also ideal for decorative purposes.

    For example, you can easily stick the flags with their plastic sticks in vases or flower boxes. You can place them in pen holders at your desk or decorate your car. Basically, the possible uses are almost unlimited. In our example, our Classic Rainbow flag adorns a Lady of Justice - for more GAY justice :).

    Make your world a little more colorful and choose one of 6 variants:

    - Classic (Rainboy style)
    - Bisexual
    - Lesbian
    - Transsexual
    - Pansexual
    - Asexual

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